Preprint / Nuclear Physics E15-2002-157 JINR-E15-2002-157

Measurement of the Temperature Dependence of the dd$\mu$ Molecule Formation Rate in Dense Deuterium at Temperatures 85-790 K

Bom, V R ; Demin, D L ; van Eijk, C W E ; Filchenkov, V V ; Grafov, N N ; Grebinnik, V G ; Gritsaj, K I ; Konin, A D ; Kuryakin, A V ; Nazarov, V A ; Perevozchikov, V M ; Rudenko, A I ; Sadetsky, S M ; Vinogradov, Yu I ; Yukhimchuk, A A ; Yukhimchuk, S A ; Zinov, V G ; Zlatoustovskii, S V

Published in: Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz.
Pages: 12 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: Muon catalyzed fusion (MCF) in deuterium was studied by the MCF collaboration at the JINR phasotron. The measurements were carried out with a high pressure deuterium target in the temperature range 85-790 K at densities \cong 0.5 and 0.8 of liquid hydrogen density (LHD). The first experimental results for the dd\mu-molecule formation rate \lambda_{dd\mu} in the temperature range 400-790 K with deuterium density \cong 0.5 LHD are presented.

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