Preprint / Particle Physics - Experiment JINR-P3-2002-151 P3-2002-151

Investigation of the Triton Emission Asymmetry in the $^{6}$Li(n, alpha)$^{3}$H Reaction with Polarized Thermal Neutrons

Gledenov, Yu M ; Vesna, V A ; Nesvizhevsky, V V ; Petukhov, A K ; Sedyshev, P V ; Soldner, T ; Shulgina, E V ; Zimmer, O

Pages: 8 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: An experiment was carried out at the high-intensity polarized cold neutron beam of the PF1B instrument of the ILL reactor, Grenoble, France. As a detector, the 48-section ionization chamber with the ^{6}LiF targets was used. An integral (current) method of the event detection with compensation of the reactor power fluctuation was applied. Special measurement technique was used for minimization and estimation of the possible false effect contribution. A value of the P-odd (sigma_{\bf n}, {\bf P}_{\bf n}) correlation has been obtained: alpha_{PN}=-(7.1\pn 3.9)\cdot 10^{-8}. At the base of the cluster model, the most accurate at present day estimation of the weak neutral current constant has been given: f_n \leq 1.2\cdot 10^{-7}.

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