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New Data Of The dp -> ppn Reaction at 500 MeV Energy of Deutron at ITS at Nuclotron

Piyadin, S.M. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Janek, M. (Zilina U.) ; Trpisova, B. (Zilina U.) ; Gurchin, Yu.V. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Isupov, A.Yu. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Karachuk, J.-T. (Bucharest, Adv. Res. Inst. Electr. Engin.) ; Khrenov, A.N. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Krasnov, V.A. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Kurilkin, A.K. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Kurilkin, P.K. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Ladygin, V.P. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Livanov, A.N. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Martinska, G. (Kosice U.) ; Reznikov, S.G. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Terekhin, A.A. (LHEP JINR, Dubna) ; Vasiliev, T.A. (LHEP JINR, Dubna)

Page No: 101
Year: 2013

Abstract: The first results on the study of the dp-breakup reaction with 500 Me V unpolarized deuteron beam at Internal Target Station at Nuclotron-M are discussed. Selection procedure of useful events for the dp ~ ppn reaction with the registration of two protons is shown. Further scientific program with polarized and unpolarized deuterons is discussed.

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