Preprint / Detectors and Experimental Techniques JINR-P-13-2002-249 P-13-2002-249

Measurement and Simulation of Neutron Beam Spectrum by Monte-Carlo Method. Beam Parameters of Small Angle Spectrometer YuMO at the Fourth Channel of IBR-2

Kuklin, A I ; Bobrikina, G N ; Bogdzel, A A ; Gordeliy, V I ; Islamov, A H ; Konovalov, V Yu ; Rogov, A D ; Florek, M

Published in: Prib. Tekh. Eksp.
Pages: 18 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: The method and results of the measurements of absolute spectra and fluxes of thermal neutrons at small angle spectrometer YuMO at the fourth channel of the IBR-2 reactor with a comblike water moderator are presented. The experiments were carried out at different parameters of the YuMO instrument, which changes in collimation, exposition and time window width as well as with placement of cadmium screen. The spectra and fluxes were simulated by the Monte-Carlo method for different collimator sizes. Besides, neutron spectra and absolute fluxes at the neutron channel were calculated. The spectra of the scattered neutrons, which form neutron and gamma background at the spectrometer, were given. For the first time the radiation doses in the sample place were determined. The experimental data obtained in this work can be used for experiment planning, for the calculations of scattering cross-section and background, and also for optimization and modernization of the YuMO instrument. The used methods have commom character and can be used for reliable determination of the absolute values of thermal neutron beams at other neutron instruments as well.

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