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Butenko, A. ; Agapov, N. (Dubna, JINR) ; Alfeev, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Andreev, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Batin, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Donets, D.E. (Dubna, JINR) ; Donets, E.D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Donets, D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Eliseev, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Galimov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Gorbachev, E. (Dubna, JINR) ; Govorov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Golovensky, B. (Dubna, JINR) ; Ivanov, E. (Dubna, JINR) ; Karpinsky, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kekelidze, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Khodzhibagiyan, H. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kirichenko, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kobets, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kovalenko, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kozlov, I. (Dubna, JINR) ; Meshkov, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Mikhailov, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Monchinsky, K. (Dubna, JINR) ; Levterov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Romanov, T. (Dubna, JINR) ; Rukoyatkina, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Sidorin, N. (Dubna, JINR) ; Shurkhno, I. (Dubna, JINR) ; Slepnev, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Slepnev, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Smirnov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Sorin, G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Trubnikov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Tuzikov, B. (Dubna, JINR) ; Vasilishin, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Volkov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Philippov (Dubna, JINR) ; Brovko (Dubna, JINR)

Page No: 154
Year: 2013

Abstract: Current development of the VB LHEP accelerator facility is aimed to creation of new modern accelerator-collider facility NICA. The first stage of the NICA creation-upgrade of the existing facility (so called Nuclotron-M project) was fulfilled during 2007-2010. After completion of the Nuclotron-M project three runs of the Nuclotron operation were carried out. The machine development shifts were dedicated to the performance increase for current physical program realization and to test equipment and operational modes of the NICA collider.

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