Preprint / Chemical Physics and Chemistry E12-2002-39 JINR-E12-2002-39

Investigation of Chemical Equilibrium Kinetics by the Electromigration Method

Bozhikov, G A ; Ivanov, P I ; Bontchev, G D ; Maslov, O D ; Milanov, M V ; Dmitriev, S N

Published in: Radiochim. Acta
Pages: 10 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: Measurement of the chemical reaction rates for complex formation as well as hydrolysis type reactions by the method of horizontal zone electrophoresis is outlined. The correlation between chemical equilibrium kinetics and electrodiffusion processes in a constant d.c. electric field is described. In model electromigration experiments the reaction rate constant of the complex formation of Hf(IV) and DTPA is determined.

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