Preprint / Particle Physics - Experiment JINR-P-3-2002-175 P-3-2002-175

Measurement of the Forward-Backward Asymmetry Coefficient in the $^{35}(n, p)^{35}S$ Reaction for Resonance Neutrons

Vesna, V A ; Gledenov, Yu M ; Okunev, I S ; Oprya, A ; Salatskii, V I ; Sedyshev, P V ; Shalanski, P I

Published in: Yad. Fiz.
Pages: 12 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: The measurements of the P-even forward-backward correlation in the ^{35}(n, p)^{35}S reaction were carried out at resonance unpolarized neutrons of the IBR-30 pulsed facility. The alpha^{FB} values have been determined for neutron energy regions at averaged values of 3.1, 195 and 398 eV: (5.3\pm 7.6)\cdot 10^{-3}, (1.68\pm 0.50)\cdot 10^{-1}, and -(7.4\pm 3.6)\cdot 10^{-3}, respectively. Involving results of the experiment at thermal polarized neutrons on measurement of the P-odd and the P-even left-right correlations in given reaction, the weak matrix element has been estimated, and an analysis of the possible values of the neutron and proton amplitudes for channels with total momentum j=1/2 and 3/2 has been performed.

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