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000069527 490__ $$aAdvances in intelligent systems and computing$$v394$$x2194-5357
000069527 5050_ $$aChapter 1. Content Based Load Balancing Using Web Clusters & Service Rankings -- Chapter 2. A Fast Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm for speech Enhancement Under Stationary Noise Environment -- Chapter 3. Reliability Assessment and Economic Evaluation of Offshore Wind Farm Using Stochastic Probability -- Chapter 4. Charge Pump with Improved High Swing Cascode Current Source for Accurate Current Matching in PLL -- Chapter 5. Recent Research and various Techniques available for Efficiency Improvement of IGCC Power Plants -- Chapter 6. An Involuntary Data Extraction and Information Summarization Expending Ontology -- Chapter 7.DWT-SVD Based Watermarking Scheme Using Optimization Technique -- Chapter 8. Fireworks Algorithm Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Uniform Irradiation as well as under Partial Shading Condition -- Chapter 9. Design of Low Power Efficient Median Filter for Noise Reduction in Image -- Chapter 10. A Cycle Detection Based Efficient Approach for Constructing Spanning Trees Directly from Non-regular Graphic Sequences -- Chapter 11. Differential Illumination Enhancement Technique for a Night Time Video -- Chapter 12. Low Cost Appliance Control System for Home Automation and Energy Management Using Image Processing -- Chapter 13. Design of Wireless Sensor Network for Submarine Detection -- Chapter 14. Underground Tunnel Detection Across Border Areas -- Chapter 15. Communication Network of Wide Area Measurement System for Real Time Data Collection on Smart Micro Grid -- Chapter 16. Accoustic Modeling for Development of Accented Indian English ASR -- Chapter 17. Improved Identity Anonymization Using Hashed-TOR Network -- Chapter 18. A Tokenized Binding Update Scheme for Next Generation Proxy IP Mobility -- Chapter 19. VLSI Implementation and Analysis of Kidney Stone Detection from Ultrasound Image by Level Set Segmentation and MLP-BP ANN Classification -- Chapter 20. Simulation Framework for Modeling Magnetic Induction Based Wireless Underground Channel -- Chapter 21. A Generic Algorithm for Segmenting a Specified Region of Interest Based on Chanvese’s Algorithm and Active Contours -- Chapter 22. Static Noise Margin Analysis of 6T SRAM CELL -- Chapter 23. Topology Preserving Map Generation for Multiple Mobile Fishing Vessels -- Chapter 24. Accumulator Design in Cadence 90nm Technology -- Chapter 25. Placement Chance Prediction: Clustering and Classification Approach -- Chapter 26. Cluster Based Distributed Key Architecture Scheme for MANETs -- Chapter 27. Design and Implementation of 270 Tap Finite Impulse Response Filter -- Chapter 28. Implementation of 18 Bit High Speed Binary Multipliers -- Chapter 29. A New Approach of Object Oriented Programming Language for Remote Power Quality Monitoring & Analysis Considering Harmonics -- Chapter 30. Dynamic Programming Parallelization of Matrix Chain Multiplication on GPU: A Comparative Study -- Chapter 31. Data Mining for Healthy Tomorrow with the Implementation of Software Project Management Technique -- Chapter 32. Real Time Implementation of Electromyography for Hand Gesture Detection Using Micro Accelerometer -- Chapter 33. Performance Improvement of Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Using Modified-AMP algorithm -- Chapter 34. Low-power Home Embedded Surveillance System Using Image Processing Techniques -- Chapter 35. Performance Analysis of a Software Defined Network Using Mininet -- Chapter 36. Comparative Analogy on Classification and Clustering of Genomic Signal by a Novel Factor Analysis and F-score Method -- Chapter 37. Planar Crossover Using Microstrip Patch Antenna for Beam Forming Networks -- Chapter 38. Energy Efficient Communication in Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Farming -- Chapter 39. Design and Evaluation of 3D NoC Routers with Quality -of-Service (QoS) Mechanism for Multi-core Systems -- Chapter 40. Single Stage Boost Rectifier for Wireless Charging of Portable Devices through Magnetic Resonant Coupling -- Chapter 41. Big Data Analytics for Network Congestion Management Using Flow Based Analysis -- Chapter 42. A Real Time Intelligent Micro-controller Based Harmonic Computing with Smart Phone Connectivity -- Chapter 43. Performance Improvement of Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Using Modified-AMP Algorithm -- Chapter 44. Diagnosis of Corneal Arcus Using Statistical Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machine -- Chapter 45. Hospital Based screening for Osteoporosis in both Sexes Aged above 50 years Using Prototype US Bone Densitometer -- Chapter 46. Real Time ECG Acquisition and Detection of Anomalies -- Chapter 47. Weight Based Data Center Selection Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment -- Chapter 48. Real-time Remote Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality Using Internet of Things (IoT) and GSM Connectivity -- Chapter 49. Energy Conservation in Multi-Storey Buildings at Indian Cities by Daylighting Control – A Study -- Chapter 50. Enhancement in the Performance of Routing Protocols for Wireless Communication Using Clustering, Encryption and Cryptography -- Chapter 51. Design and Implementation of an Efficient Level Set Segmentation and Classification for Brain MR Images -- Chapter 52. Robotic Imitation of Human Hand Using RGB Color Gradient Mapping -- Chapter 53. A Data Activity Based Server Side Cache Replacement for Mobile Devices -- Chapter 54. Privilege Based Scoring System Against Cross Site Scripting Using Machine Learning -- Chapter 55. Content Based Cricket Video Shot Classification Using Bag of Visual Features -- Chapter 56. HDTCV: Hybrid Detection Technique for Click-jacking Vulnerability -- Chapter 57. QUANCE: Quality Driven Automated Negotiation for Composite Web Services -- Chapter 58. The Analysis of PQ Sequences Generated from Continued Fractions for use as Pseudorandom Sequences in Cryptographic Applications -- Chapter 59. A Novel Approach to Adopt Scrum by an Enterprise -- Chapter 60. Review on Security Attacks and Mechanism in VANET and MANET -- Chapter 61. Security of Networks Using Efficient Adaptive Flow-Counting for Anomaly Detection in SDN -- Chapter 62. A Novel Low Power Multiply – Accumulate (MAC) Unit Design for Fixed-Point Signed Numbers -- Chapter 63. Optimizing Technical Eco-System of Digital Marketing -- Chapter 64. An Efficient Image Encryption Technique Based on Optimized Key Generation in ECC Using Genetic Algorithm -- Chapter 65. Optimization of Fuel Consumption and Emission for Hybrid Electric Vehicle -- Chapter 66. Classification Scheme for Software Reliability Models -- Chapter 67. Secure Spectrum Leasing in Cognitive Radio Networks via Secure Primary-Secondary user Interaction -- Chapter 68. Traffic Signal Synchronization Using Computer Vision and Wireless Sensor Networks -- Chapter 69. Nature Inspired Moving Sink Energy Efficient Data Gathering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network -- Chapter 70. Mining Frequent Itemsets in Association Rule Mining Using Improved SETM Algorithm -- Chapter 71. An Efficient Approach for Evolution of Functional Requirements to Improve the Quality of Software Architecture -- Chapter 72. Pitch Frames Classification in a Cricket Video Using Bag-of-Visual Words -- Chapter 73. Retinal Abnormality Risk Prediction Model: A Hybrid Approach Based on Vessel Characteristics and Exudates -- Chapter 74. BER and RSSI Analysis Based Frequency Adaptive Technique for Radio Frequency Transceiver -- Chapter 75. A Two Stage 0.18 µm CMOS Differential Low Noise Amplifier with Integrated LC Balun for 2.4 GHz Applications -- Chapter 76. Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks -- Chapter 77. Implementation of Z-Ternary Content Addressable Memory Using FPGA -- Chapter 78. Design of Visual Aid for Blind People -- Chapter 79. Implementing Fusion to Improve the Efficiency of Information Retrieval Using Clustering and Map Reduction -- Chapter 80. Cellular Automata Based LDPC Decoder -- Chapter 81. A Game Theoretic Model to Detect Cooperative Intrusion over Multiple Packets -- Chapter 82. Filtration of Noise in Images Using Median Filter -- Chapter 83. PVDF Polymer Based MEMS Cantilever for Energy Harvesting -- Chapter 84. Separation of Blood Cells Using Silicon Based Micro-filter -- Chapter 85. Optimal Image Enhancement Method Based on Histogram Analysis -- Chapter 86. Epileptic Seizure Characterization Using Transform Domain -- Chapter 87. WSN Backbone Formation Using Non-Probabilistic Spanning Tree Algorithm -- Chapter 88. Design Specifications of Reversible Logic Using CMOS and Quantum Dot Cellular Automata -- Chapter 89. Effective Models for Segmentation and Shape Tracking of Cells -- Chapter 90. Real Time Rule Based Scheduling System for Integrated Delivery in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Using Evolutionary Algorithm Based Simulation Approach -- Chapter 91. Least Square Mean Optimization Based Real Object Detection and Tracking -- Chapter 92. Improving Efficiency and Fairness in Mobile AD HOC Networks -- Chapter 93. A Novel Content Based Image Indexing and Retrieval Framework Using Clock Wise Local Difference Binary Pattern (CWLDBP) -- Chapter 94. Self-organization Strategies for Hierarchical network structure in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks: A Short Survey -- Chapter 95. Efficient Fused Architectures for FFT Processor Using Floating Point Arithmetic -- Chapter 96. Design, Test and Evaluation of Trace-Buffer Inserted FPGA System -- Chapter 97. Mining Based Device Control for Home Automation -- Chapter 98. Methods and Materials for Adsorbing the Benzene Molecule Based on MEMS -- Chapter 99. A Multi Parametric Hybrid Cooperative Localization Scheme for Mobile Communication Network -- Chapter 100. Interface and Control of Appliances by the Analysis of Electrooculography Signals -- Chapter 101. An Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technique for Detection of Abnormal Changes Using Artificial Neural Network -- Chapter 102. Implementation of a Hybrid Renewable Energy Plant with Remote Monitoring Feature -- Chapter 103. Artificial Neural Network Control Strategy for.
000069527 520__ $$aThe book is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented in the first International Conference on International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Computations in Engineering Systems (ICAIECES -2015) held at Velammal Engineering College (VEC), Chennai, India during 22 – 23 April 2015. The book discusses wide variety of industrial, engineering and scientific applications of the emerging techniques. Researchers from academic and industry present their original work and exchange ideas, information, techniques and applications in the field of Communication, Computing and Power Technologies.
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