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HYDJET++ for ultra-relativistic HIC’s: A hot cocktail of hydrodynamics, resonances and jets

Bravina, L.V. (Oslo U.) ; Johansson, B.H. Brusheim (Oslo U.) ; Crkovska, J. (Prague, Tech. U.) ; Eyyubova, G.Kh. (SINP, Moscow) ; Korotkikh, V.L. (SINP, Moscow) ; Lokhtin, I.P. (SINP, Moscow) ; Malinina, L.V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Petrushanko, S.V. (SINP, Moscow) ; Snigirev, A.M. (SINP, Moscow) ; Zabrodin, E.E. (SINP, Moscow)

Published in: AIP Conf.Proc.
Year: 2016
Vol.: 1701
Page No: 060008
Year: 2016-01-22 published

Abstract: An ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collision at LHC energies is a mixture of soft and hard processes. For comparison with data we employ the HYDJET++ model, which combines the description of soft processes with the treatment of hard partons propagating hot and dense nuclear medium. Importance of the interplay of ideal hydrodynamics, final state interactions and jets for the description of harmonics of the anisotropic flow is discussed. Jets are found to be the main source of violation of the number-of-constituent-quark (NCQ) scaling at LHC energies. Many features of higher flow harmonics and dihadron angular correlations, including ridge, can be described by the interference of elliptic and triangular flows.

Keyword(s): Hydrodynamics ; Large Hadron Collider ; Angular correlation ; Anisotropy ; Computer modeling

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DOI: 10.1063/1.4938671
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