Preprint / Particle Physics - Experiment E1-2002-13 JINR-E1-2002-13

The e/h Ratio of the ATLAS Hadronic Tile Calorimeter

Budagov, Yu A ; Kulchitskii, Yu A ; Kuzmin, M V ; Vinogradov, V B

Pages: 16 p
Year: 2002

Abstract: We have determined the e/h ratios of the Module-0 of the ATLAS iron-scintillator barrel hadron tile calorimeter for five values of pseudorapidity eta in the range of -0.55\leq\eta\leq -0.15 for the beam energy range from 10 to 300 GeV on the basis of the July 1999 test beam data. These e/h ratios demonstrate independence from |eta| value. The mean value is e/h=1.362+0.006. The results are compared with the existing experimental data and with some Monte Carlo calculations.

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