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Hydrodynamic helicity and strange hyperon polarization in heavy-ion collisions

Baznat, M. (IAP, Chisinau) ; Gudima, K. (IAP, Chisinau) ; Sorin, A. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.) ; Teryaev, O. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.)

Published in: J.Phys.Conf.Ser.
Year: 2016
Vol.: 668    Num./Issue: 1
Page No: 012084
Pages: 4
Year: 2016-01-18 published

Abstract: We study the P-odd effects related to the vorticity of the medium formed in noncentral heavy ion collisions. Using the kinetic Quark-Gluon String Model, we perform numerical simulations of the vorticity and hydrodynamical helicity for various atomic numbers, energies and centralities. We observe vortical structures typically occupying a relatively small fraction of the fireball volume. In the course of numerical simulations a noticeable hydrodynamic helicity was observed manifesting a specific mirror behaviour with respect to the reaction plane. The effect is maximal at the NICA and FAIR energy range.

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DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/668/1/012084
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