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Radiation hard sensors for the beam calorimeter of the ILC

Grah, Christian (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Afanaciev, K. (Belarus State U.) ; Bernitt, P. (Brandenburg Tech. U.) ; Chelkov, G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Gajewski, J. (AGH-UST, Cracow) ; Heller, R. (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Henschel, H. (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Ignatenko, A. (Belarus State U.) ; Krumshteyn, Z. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kulis, S. (AGH-UST, Cracow) ; Lange, W. (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Lohmann, W. (DESY, Zeuthen) ; Ohlerich, M. (Brandenburg Tech. U.) ; Rosco, A. (West Timisoara U.) ; Sapronov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Schmidt, R. (Brandenburg Tech. U.) ; Schuwalow, S. (DESY, Zeuthen)

Year: 2007
Vol.: 3
Page No: 2281-2284
Pages: 4
Year: 2007 published

Abstract: The beam calorimeter in the forward region of the ILC detectors will be hit by a large amount of electron-positron pairs originating from beamstrahlung, a new phenomenon at the ILC. The by ionization deposited energy in the BeamCal sensor planes can be as high as 10 MGy per year of operation. The FCAL collaboration investigates different alternatives as possible sensor materials: polycrystalline and single crystal CVD diamond and GaAs. The investigation of these materials includes the measurement of the charge collection distance and the radiation hardness against irradiation with 10 MeV electrons in a test beam to doses of several MGy.

Keyword(s): III-V semiconductors ; chemical vapour deposition ; diamond ; dosimetry ; electron beam effects ; elemental semiconductors ; gallium arsenide ; particle calorimetry ; radiation hardening ; semiconductor counters ; BeamCal sensor planes ; C ; FCAL collaboration ; GaAs ; ILC ; beam calorimeter ; beamstrahlung ; charge collection distance measurement ; electron irradiation ; electron-positron pairs ; ionization deposited energy ; polycrystalline materials ; radiation dose ; radiation hard sensors ; radiation hardness ; single crystal CVD diamond ; Charge measurement ; Collaboration ; Crystalline materials ; Current measurement ; Electron beams ; Gallium arsenide ; Ionization ; Ionizing radiation sensors ; Materials testing ; Sensor phenomena and characterization ; CCD ; CVD diamond ; irradiation

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DOI: 10.1109/NSSMIC.2007.4436601
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