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J-PARC E27 Experiment to Search for a K−pp Bound State

Ichikawa, Yudai (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Nagae, Tomofumi (Kyoto U.) ; Bhang, Hyoungchan (Seoul Natl. U.) ; Bufalino, Stefania (INFN, Turin) ; Ekawa, Hiroyuki (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Evtoukhovitch, Petr (Dubna, JINR) ; Feliciello, Alessandro (INFN, Turin) ; Fujioka, Hiroyuki (Kyoto U.) ; Hasegawa, Shoichi (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Hayakawa, Shuhei (Osaka U., Inst. Phys.) ; Honda, Ryotaro (Tohoku U.) ; Hosomi, Kenji (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Imai, Ken’ichi (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Ishimoto, Shigeru (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Joo, Changwoo (Seoul Natl. U.) ; Kanatsuki, Shunsuke (Kyoto U.) ; Kiuchi, Ryuta (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Koike, Takeshi (Tohoku U.) ; Kumawat, Harphool (Bhabha Atomic Res. Ctr.) ; Matsumoto, Yuki (Tohoku U.) ; Miwa, Koji (Tohoku U.) ; Moritsu, Manabu (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Naruki, Megumi (Kyoto U.) ; Niiyama, Masayuki (Kyoto U.) ; Nozawa, Yuki (Kyoto U.) ; Ota, Ryosuke (Osaka U., Inst. Phys.) ; Sakaguchi, Atsushi (Osaka U., Inst. Phys.) ; Sako, Hiroyuki (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Samoilov, Valentin (Dubna, JINR) ; Sato, Susumu (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Shirotori, Kotaro (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Sugimura, Hitoshi (JAEA, Ibaraki) ; Suzuki, Shoji (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Takahashi, Toshiyuki (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Takahashi, Tomonori N. (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Tamura, Hirokazu (Tohoku U.) ; Tanaka, Toshiyuki (Osaka U., Inst. Phys.) ; Tanida, Kiyoshi (Seoul Natl. U.) ; Tokiyasu, Atsushi O. (Osaka U., Res. Ctr. Nucl. Phys.) ; Tsamalaidze, Zviadi (Dubna, JINR) ; Roy, Bidyut (Bhabha Atomic Res. Ctr.) ; Ukai, Mifuyu (Tohoku U.) ; Yamamoto, Takeshi O. (Tohoku U.) ; Yang, Seongbae (Seoul Natl. U.)

Published in: JPS Conf.Proc.
Year: 2015
Vol.: 8
Page No: 021020
Pages: 7
Year: 2015 published

Abstract: We have carried out an experimental search for the simplest kaonic nucleus, \(K^{ - }pp\), by using the \(d(\pi ^{ + },K^{ + })\) reaction at \(p_{\pi ^{ + }}\) = 1.69 GeV/\(c\). The differential cross section of this reaction with covering a wide missing-mass range from the \(\Lambda \) production threshold to the \(\Lambda (1405)/\Sigma (1385)\) region has been measured for the first time. The inclusive missing-mass shape of the \(\Lambda \) and \(\Sigma \) production region was understood with a simple quasi-free picture except for an enhancement at 2.13 GeV/\(c^{2}\) due to a \(\Sigma N\) cusp. An obtained peak attributed to \(Y^{*}\) production was significantly shifted to the low mass side compared with the simulation by \( - 22.4\) MeV/\(c^{2}\).

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DOI: 10.7566/JPSCP.8.021020
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