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Conference title: 15th Advanced Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics
Related conference title(s): DSPIN-13
Location: Dubna, Russia
Date: 8 - 12 Oct 2013
Imprint: 2014

Efremov, A V (Dubna, JINR) ; Goloskokov
Place of publication: Dubna
Name of publisher: JINR
Date of publication: 2014

Keyword(s): Particle physics Theory and Experiment ; * recent experimental data on spin physics ; * the nucleon spin structure and GPD's ; * spin physics and QCD ; * spin physics in the Standard Model and beyond ; * T-odd spin effects ; * polarization and heavy ion physics ; * the future spin physics facilities ; * polarimeters for high energy polarized beams ; * acceleration and storage of polarized beams ; * the new polarization technology ; * related subjects
Note: Organisers: A. Efremov (chair) Dubna; M. Finger (co-chair) Prague; A. Sandacz (co-chair) Warsaw; S. Goloskokov (sc. secretary) Dubna; O. Teryaev (sc. secretary) Dubna; E. Rusakovich (secretary) Dubna; E. Kolganova Dubna; K. Kurek Warsaw; V. Ladygin Dubna; A.Nagaitsev Dubna; S. Nurushev Protvino; Yu. Panebrattsev Dubna; N. Piskunov Dubna; I. Savin Dubna; O. Selyugin Dubna
Note: DSPIN-13

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