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Comparative results on the deflection of positively and negatively charged particles by multiple volume reflections in a multi-strip silicon deflector

Scandale, W. (INFN, Rome) ; Arduini, G. (CERN) ; Butcher, M. (CERN) ; Cerutti, F. (CERN) ; Garattini, M. (CERN) ; Gilardoni, S. (CERN) ; Lechner, A. (CERN) ; Losito, R. (CERN) ; Masi, A. (CERN) ; Mereghetti, A. (CERN) ; Metral, E. (CERN) ; Mirarchi, D. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Montesano, S. (CERN) ; Redaelli, S. (CERN) ; Rossi, R. (INFN, Rome) ; Schoofs, P. (CERN) ; Smirnov, G. (CERN) ; Bagli, E. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Bandiera, L. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Baricordi, S. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Dalpiaz, P. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Germogli, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Guidi, V. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Mazzolari, A. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Vincenzi, D. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Claps, G. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Dabagov, S. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.) ; Hampai, D. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Murtas, F. (LNF, Dafne Light) ; Cavoto, G. (INFN, Rome) ; Iacoangeli, F. (INFN, Rome) ; Ludovici, L. (INFN, Rome) ; Santacesaria, R. (INFN, Rome) ; Valente, P. (INFN, Rome) ; Galluccio, F. (INFN, Naples) ; Afonin, A.G. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Chesnokov, Yu.A. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Durum, A.A. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Maisheev, V.A. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Sandomirskiy, Yu.E. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Yanovich, A.A. (Serpukhov, IHEP) ; Kovalenko, A.D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Taratin, A.M. (Dubna, JINR) ; Gavrikov, Yu.A. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Ivanov, Yu.M. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Lapina, L.P. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Ferguson, W. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Fulcher, J. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Hall, G. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Pesaresi, M. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Raymond, M. (Imperial Coll., London) ; Bolognini, D. (INFN, Milan Bicocca) ; Hasan, S. (INFN, Milan Bicocca) ; Prest, M. (INFN, Milan Bicocca) ; Vallazza, E. (INFN, Trieste)

Published in: JETP Lett.
Year: 2015
Vol.: 101    Num./Issue: 10
Page No: 679-684
Pages: 6
Year: 2015-08-02 published

Abstract: Bent silicon crystals in channeling mode are already used for beam extraction and collimation in particle accelerators. Volume reflection of beam particles is more efficient than beam channeling, however, the mean deflection angle is rather small. An experiment on the deflection of a 400 GeV/c proton beam and a 150 GeV/c π$^{−}$ beam at CERN using a multi-strip silicon deflector in reflection mode is described. The mean deflection angle of beam particles has been considerably increased due to sequential volume reflections realized in the deflector. This gives possibility for a successful usage of the multi-strip deflectors for beam collimation in high-energy accelerators.

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DOI: 10.1134/S0021364015100124
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