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Analyzing Powers of Inelastic dpScattering in the Energy Region of Delta and Roper Resonances Excitation

Malinina, L V ; Alkhazov, G D ; Augustyniak, W ; Boivin, M ; Boyard, J L ; Dahl, R ; Drews, M ; Ellegaard, C ; Fahri, L ; Gaarde, C ; Hennino, T ; Jourdain, J C ; Kagarlis, M A ; Kravtsov, A V ; K?nne, R A ; Larsen, J C ; Morsch, P ; Mylnikov, V A ; Orichtchin, E M ; Perdrisat, C F ; Piskunov, N M ; Prokofiev, A N ; Punjabi, V ; Radvanyi, P ; Ramstein, B ; Razmyslovich, B V ; RoyStephan, M ; Sitnik, I M ; Skousen, M ; Strokovsky, E A ; Tkach, I I ; TomasiGustafsson, E ; Volkov, S S ; Zhdanov, A A ; Zupranski, P

Published in: Phys. Rev. C
Pages: 19 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: A study of inelastic scattering of polarized 3.73 GeV/c deuterons on protons in the energy region of the Roper N*(1440) and the {DELTA}(1232) resonances excitation has been performed in an exclusive experiment at LNS (Laboratoire National SATURNE, Saclay, France) using the SPES{pi} setup.Tensor and vector analyzing powers of pion production for the reactions d + p {\to} d + n + pi^{+}, d + p {\to} d + p + pi^{0}, d + p {\to} d + N + pi pi have been measured as functions of the squared deuteron 4momentum transfer t, of the effective mass of the subsystems (N pi), (N pi pi) and of the pion emission angle. A strong dependence of these analyzing powers upon the pion emission angle is observed. It is found that A_{yy} values for the considered reaction channels are systematically larger than the known inclusive {p (d, d {\prime}) X} world data at the nearest beam energy.

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