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Conference title: 2nd SUMO Conference
Related conference title(s): Modeling Mobility with Open Data
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 15 - 16 May 2014
Imprint: 2015

Behrisch, Michael ; Weber, Melanie

Place of publication: Cham
Name of publisher: Springer
Date of publication: 2015

Abstract: This contributed volume contains the conference proceedings of the Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) conference 2014, Berlin. The included research papers cover a wide range of topics in traffic planning and simulation, including open data, vehicular communication, e-mobility, urban mobility, multimodal traffic as well as usage approaches. The target audience primarily comprises researchers and experts in the field, but the book may also be beneficial for graduate students.  

Keyword(s): Sustainable development ; Transportation ; Sustainable Development
Note: Modeling Mobility with Open Data

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Numbers of unique views: 65
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-15024-6
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