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Development of the GammaGamma Perturbed Angular Correlation OneDetector Method for the Studies of the Physicochemical Properties of Matter

Filossofov, D V ; Novgorodov, A F ; Korolev, N A ; Egorov, V G ; Lebedev, N A ; Akselrod, Z Z ; Brockmann, J ; R?sch, F

Pages: 11 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: A new method of the perturbed angular \gamma\gammacorrelation (PAC) measurements was developed using one detector only. For the perturbation factor quantification the relation of the summing peak composed of two cascade \gammarays of study (the perturbationaffected parameter) to the summing peak composed of one \gammaray and Xray (the perturbation nonaffected parameter) was used. This method was demonstrated for the ^{111}In and ^{111m}Cd radionuclides.

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