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Hyperfine Magnetic Anomaly in the Atomic Spectra of the RareEarth Elements

Gangrsky, Yu P ; Zemlyanoi, S G ; Karaivanov, D V ; Kolesnikov, N N ; Marinova, K P ; Markov, B N ; Rostovsky, V S

Published in: Opt. Spectrosc.
Pages: 12 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: The constants of the hyperfine splitting in the atomic optical spectra of the rareearth elements Nd, Eu, Gd and Lu were measured. The method of laser resonance fluorescence in the parallel atomic beam was used. The values of the hyperfine magnetic anomaly were determined from the comparison of magnetic dipole constant ratios of the neighbouring odd Z or N isotopes for the different atomic levels. The connection of these values and the parameters of atomic and nuclear structure is discussed.

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