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Particularities of the directed flow in the NICA energy range

Toneev, Viacheslav (Dubna, JINR) ; Konchakovski, Volodymyr (Giessen U.) ; Cassing, Wolfgang (Giessen U.) ; Ivanov, Yuri B. (Moscow Phys. Eng. Inst.)

Published in: PoS
Year: 2014
Page No: 076
Year: 2014-12-18 SISSA

Abstract: Recent STAR data for the directed flow of protons, antiproton s and charged pions obtained within the beam energy scan program are analyzed within the P arton-Hadron-String-Dynamics (PHSD/HSD) transport models and a 3-Fluid hydroDynamics (3 FD) approach. Both versions of the kinetic approach, HSD and PHSD, are used to clarify the ro le of partonic degrees of free- dom. The PHSD results, simulating a partonic phase and its co existence with a hadronic one, are roughly consistent with data. The hydrodynamic results are obtained for two Equation of States (EoS), a pure hadronic EoS and an EoS with a crossover type tra nsition. The latter case is favored by the STAR experimental data. Special attention is paid to t he description of antiproton directed flow based on the balance of p ̄ p annihilation and the inverse processes for p ̄ p pair creation from multi-meson interactions. Generally, the semi-qualitati ve agreement between the measured data and model results supports the idea of a crossover type of qua rk-hadron transition which softens the nuclear EoS but shows no indication of a first-order phase transition

Web-Page: http://pos.sissa.it/archive/conferences/225/076/Baldin%20ISHEPP%20XXII_076.pdf; http://inspirehep.net/record/1351625/files/PoS(Baldin ISHEPP XXII)076.pdf

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