/ hep-ph arXiv:1503.08675

Dynamical Schwinger process in a bifrequent electric field of finite duration: survey on amplification

Otto, Andreas (Dresden, Tech. U., ITP) ; Seipt, Daniel (Helmholtz Inst., Jena) ; Blaschke, David (Dubna, JINR) ; Smolyansky, Stanislav Alexandrovich (Saratov State U.) ; Kämpfer, Burkhard (Dresden, Tech. U., ITP)

Pages: 16

Abstract: The electron-positron pair production due to the dynamical Schwinger process in a slowly oscillating strong electric field is enhanced by the superposition of a rapidly oscillating weaker electric field. A systematic account of the enhancement by the resulting bifrequent field is provided for the residual phase space distribution. The enhancement is explained by a severe reduction of the suppression in both the tunneling and multiphoton regimes.

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