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Air Pollution with Heavy Metals and Radionuclides in Slovakia Studied by the Moss Biomonitoring Technique

Florek, M ; Frontasyeva, M V ; Mankovska, B ; Oprea, K ; Pavlov, S S ; Steinnes, E ; Sykora, I

Pages: 8 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: Applying the moss biomonitoring technique to air pollution studies in Slovakia, heavy metals, rareearth elements, actinides (U and Th) were determined in 86 moss samples from the European moss survey 2000 by means of epithermal neutron activation analysis at the IBR2 reactor (Dubna). Such elements as In, Cu, Cd, Hg and Pb were determined by AAS in the Forest Research Institute, Zvolen (Slovakia). The results of measurement of the natural radionuclides ^{210}Pb, ^{7}Be, ^{137}Cs and ^{40}K in 11 samples of moss are also reported. A comparison with the results from moss surveys 1991 and 1995 revealed previously unknown tendencies of air pollution in the examined areas.

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