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000067641 100__ $$aKYAW Wunna
000067641 245__ $$aHardware platforms of parallel and distributed simulation technology
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000067641 520__ $$aIn this article  we discussed about the hardware platforms of parallel and distributed simulation technology of interest here contain a potentially large number of processors interconnected through a communication network. In most cases the processor is a general purpose CPU (central processing unit), often identical to those commonly found in personal computers and engineering workstations. The switching network may be as specific as a customized switch for a particular multiprocessor system, or as general as the Internet. This paper presents four categories: Parallel versus Distributed Computers, Shared-Memory Multiprocessors, Distributed-Memory Multicomputers, SIMD Machines and Distributed Computers. This paper is a theoretical paper.
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000067641 700__ $$aDEGTYAREV Alexander
000067641 772__ $$aThe 6th International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education"   30 Jun - 5 Jul
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