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Scintillating bolometers based on ZnMoO$_4$ and Zn$^{100}$MoO$_4$ crystals to search for 0$\nu$2$\beta$ decay of $^{100}$Mo (LUMINEU project): first tests at the Modane Underground Laboratory

Poda, D.V. (Orsay) ; Armengaud, E. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Arnaud, Q. (Lyon, IPN) ; Augier, C. (Lyon, IPN) ; Benoit, A. (Lyon, IPN) ; Benoit, A. (Grenoble U., UFR Math.) ; Berge, L. (Orsay) ; Boiko, R.S. (Kiev, INR) ; Bergmann, T. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Blmer, J. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Broniatowski, A. (Orsay) ; Brudanin, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Camus, P. (Grenoble U., UFR Math.) ; Cazes, A. (Lyon, IPN) ; Censier, B. (Lyon, IPN) ; Chapellier, M. (Orsay) ; Charlieux, F. (Lyon, IPN) ; Chernyak, D.M. (Orsay) ; Coron, N. (Orsay) ; Coulter, P. (Oxford U.) ; Cox, G.A. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Danevich, F.A. (Kiev, INR) ; de Boissiere, T. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Decourt, R. (Bordeaux U.) ; De Jesus, M. (Lyon, IPN) ; Devoyon, L. (Saclay) ; Drillien, A.A. (Orsay) ; Dumoulin, L. (Orsay) ; Eitel, K. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Enss, C. (Heidelberg U.) ; Filosofov, D. (Dubna, JINR) ; Fleischmann, A. (Heidelberg U.) ; Fourches, N. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Gascon, J. (Lyon, IPN) ; Gastaldo, L. (Heidelberg U.) ; Gerbier, G. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Giuliani, A. (Orsay) ; Gros, M. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Hehn, L. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Henry, S. (Oxford U.) ; Herv\mboxe, S. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Heuermann, G. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Humbert, V. (Orsay) ; Ivanov, I.M. (Novosibirsk, Inst. Inorganic Chem.) ; Juillard, A. (Lyon, IPN) ; Kefelian, C. (Lyon, IPN) ; Kleifges, M. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Kluck, H. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Kobychev, V.V. (Kiev, INR) ; Koskas, F. (Saclay) ; Kozlov, V. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Kraus, H. (Oxford U.) ; Kudryavtsev, V.A. (Sheffield U.) ; Le Sueur, H. (Orsay) ; Loidl, M. (Saclay) ; Magnier, P. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Makarov, E.P. (Novosibirsk, Inst. Inorganic Chem.) ; Mancuso, M. (Orsay) ; de Marcillac, P. (Orsay) ; Marnieros, S. (Orsay) ; Marrache-Kikuchi, C. (Orsay) ; Menshikov, A. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Nasonov, S.G. (Novosibirsk, Inst. Inorganic Chem.) ; Navick, X-F. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Nones, C. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Olivieri, E. (Orsay) ; Pari, P. (IRAMIS, Saclay) ; Paul, B. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Penichot, Y. (DAPNIA, Saclay) ; Pessina, G. (INFN, Milan Bicocca) ; Piro, M.C. (Orsay) ; Plantevin, O. (Orsay) ; Redon, T. (Orsay) ; Robinson, M. (Sheffield U.) ; Rodrigues, M. (Saclay) ; Rozov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Sanglard, V. (Lyon, IPN) ; Schmidt, B. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Shlegel, V.N. (Novosibirsk, Inst. Inorganic Chem.) ; Siebenborn, B. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Strazzer, O. (Saclay) ; Tcherniakhovski, D. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Tenconi, M. (Orsay) ; Torres, L. (Orsay) ; Tretyak, V.I. (Kiev, INR) ; Vagneron, L. (Lyon, IPN) ; Vasiliev, Ya. V. (Novosibirsk, Inst. Inorganic Chem.) ; Velazquez, M. (Bordeaux U.) ; Viraphong, O. (Bordeaux U.) ; Walker, R.J. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Weber, M. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Yakushev, E. (Dubna, JINR) ; Zhang, X. (Oxford U.) ; Zhdankov, V.N. (Unlisted, RU)

Pages: 7

Abstract: The technology of scintillating bolometers based on zinc molybdate (ZnMoO$_4$) crystals is under development within the LUMINEU project to search for 0$\nu$2$\beta$ decay of $^{100}$Mo with the goal to set the basis for large scale experiments capable to explore the inverted hierarchy region of the neutrino mass pattern. Advanced ZnMoO$_4$ crystal scintillators with mass of $\sim$~0.3 kg were developed and Zn$^{100}$MoO$_4$ crystal from enriched $^{100}$Mo was produced for the first time by using the low-thermal-gradient Czochralski technique. One ZnMoO$_4$ scintillator and two samples (59 g and 63 g) cut from the enriched boule were tested aboveground at milli-Kelvin temperature as scintillating bolometers showing a high detection performance. The first results of the low background measurements with three ZnMoO$_4$ and two enriched detectors installed in the EDELWEISS set-up at the Modane Underground Laboratory (France) are presented.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/zmo_313g_334g_alpha_spectra.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/zmo_313g_q-plot_th.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/zmo_334g_q-plot_ba.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/ZnMoO4-nat_bolo.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/ZnMoO4-313g_bolo.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/enr-zmo_top_q-plot_bg_13d7mk.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/ZnMoO4-enr_bolo.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1342963/files/arXiv:1502.01161.pdf

Note: *Brief entry*; *Temporary entry*; 7 pages, 5 figures, Contribution to the proceedings of the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2014), Valencia, Spain, 2-9 July 2014

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