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Cytogenetic Effects of Low Dose Radiation in Mammalian Cells

Shmakova, N L ; Fadeeva, T A ; Nasonova, E A ; Krasavin, E A ; Rsjanina, A V

Published in: Radiat. Biol. Radioekol.
Pages: 14 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: The induction of cytogenetic damage after irradiation of chinese hamster cells and human melanoma cells within dose range 1200 cGy was studied. The anaphase and metaphase analysis of chromosome damage and micronuclei test were applied. The hypersensitivity (HRS) at doses below 20 cGy and the increased radioresistence at higher doses (IR) were shown with all cytogenetic criteria for both cell lines. The phenomenon of HRS/IR was reproduced in synchronic as well as in asynchronic population of chinese hamster cells. This fact shows that HRS was caused by high radiosensitivity of all cells and can not be explained by any differential sensitivity of cells in different phases of the cell cycle. So it was supposed that the increasing radioresistence is determined by the inclusion of the inducible repair processes in all cells. This conclusion agress with the fact that there was no evidence of HRS on doseeffect curves and that some part of preexistent damage was repaired after preliminary irradiation with low doses (120 cGy) which induce repair processes. It can be concluded that same inducible repair processes are analogous in mechanisms underlying in the base of HRS/IR phenomenon and adaptive response.

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