Preprint / Detectors and Experimental Techniques JINRP132001130 P132001130

Research of Spectrometric and Exploitation Characteristics of BGOPMP165 Scintiblock in Temperature Interval from +25 to 140$^{o}$C

Ainbund, M R ; Bogdzel, A A ; Gundorin, N A ; Matveev, D V ; Serov, D G

Published in: Prib. Tekh. Eksp.
Pages: 10 p
Year: 2001

Abstract: Photomultipliers based on microchannel plates are used for fast systems which form time marks of physical setups as well as in special technical areas. It is not uncommon when they substitute traditional dynode system photomultipliers. The possibility of compatible work of the PMP165 photomultiplier with BGO crystal which were cooled down to temperature necessary for appropriate functioning of a semiconductor Ge detector with taking into account of temperature dependencies of own PMP characteristics is investigated during experiment. Cooling down of the system from room temperature down to v140^{o}C during 8 hours is done. Lower limit of temperature which allows PMP to function properly is registered. Changes of spectrometric characteristics caused by temperature are studied.

Language: rus

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