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muSRInvestigation of a Liquid Crystal Containing Iron Atoms

Mamedov, T N ; Bekeshev, V G ; Galyametdinov, Yu G ; Gritsaj, K I ; Herlach, D ; Kormann, O ; Major, J V ; Rochev, V Ya ; Stoikov, A V ; Zimmermann, U

Pages: 12 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: The work is devoted to the investigation of properties of a liquid crystal whose molecule contains iron atom. The compounds of this type are of interest from the point of view of obtaining liquid crystals with magnetic properties. The temperature dependence of the polarization and relaxation rate of positive muon spin in the liquid crystal was measured in the temperature range 4300 K. The results obtained do not contradict the suggestion that the iron ions from an antiferromagneticallyordered structure in this liquid crystal at the temperatures below 80 K.

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