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Investigation of the Temperature Dependence of the Acceptor Center Relaxation Rate in Silicon by the mu^SRMethod

Mamedov, T N ; Gritsaj, K I ; Stojkov, A V ; Andrianov, D G ; Gerlach, D ; Zimmermann, U ; Gorelkin, V N ; Kormann, O ; Major, J V ; Shevchik, M

Published in: Pis'ma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz.
Pages: 12 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: Results on the temperature dependence of the residual polarization of negative muons in silicon with phosphorus (3.2 cdot 10^12, 2.3 cdot 10^15 and 4.5 cdot 10^18 cm^3) and aluminium (2 cdot 10^14 and 2.4 cdot 10^18 cm^3) impurities are presented. The measurements were carried out in a transverse to the direction of the muon spin magnetic field of 2000 Oe in the temperature range 4.2300 K. The temperature dependence of the relaxation rate of the magnetic moment of the Al shallow acceptor centre in undeformed silicon is determined for the first time. The constant of the hyperfine interaction between the magnetic moment of the muon and that of the electron shell of the muonic atom A_hf/2pi approx 3 cdot 10^7 s^1) and the coefficient for capture of free electrons by a neutral aluminium atom in silicon (beta (Al^0) approx 7 cdot 10^14 cm^3 s^1 at 30 K) are estimated.

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