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Investigation of the State of Radionuclides in Ultramicroconcentrations by the Method of a Horizontal Zone Electrophoresis in a Free Electrolyte. Ions of In(III) in Aqueous Solutions

Bontchev, G D ; Bonchev, G D ; Priemyshev, A N ; Bozhikov, G A ; Filossofov, D V ; Ivanov, P I ; Maslov, O D ; Milanov, M V ; Dmitriev, S N

Pages: 8 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: Using the electromigration method in a free electrolyte the behaviour of In(III) in some water solutions has been investigated. Data on electrophoretic mobility of In(III) as well as its complexes with DTPA and EDTA in a wide range of pH and temperature have been collected. On the basis of experimental results the diffusion coefficient of In(III) and concentration stability constant of a complex [InDTPA]^2 have been estimated.

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