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Reper Radioactive Sources for Time and Energy Calibration of Single Crystal Scintillation Time Spectrometers

Lebedev, N A ; Morozov, V A ; Morozova, N V ; Novgorodov, A F ; Filossofov, D V

Pages: 10 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: There was made a set of reper radioactive sources for time and energy calibration of the single crystal scintillation time spectrometer. The set consists of ^{73}As, ^{153}Gd, ^{169}Yb, ^{241}Am sources and sources of ^{225}Ac and ^{232}Th including the products of their decay. This set of radioactive sources covers the time interval from 4 ns to 4 mus and energy interval starting from 10 keV. Some of these sources were included in the small size plastic scintillators providing the 4 pi geometry for radiation measurements.

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