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The PANDA Barrel DIRC detector

Hoek, M. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Dzhygadlo, R. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Gerhardt, A. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Götzen, K. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Hohler, R. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Kalicy, G. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Kumawat, H. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Lehmann, D. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Lewandowski, B. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Patsyuk, M. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Peters, K. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Schepers, G. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Schmitt, L. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Schwarz, C. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Schwiening, J. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Traxler, M. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Zühlsdorf, M. (Darmstadt, GSI) ; Dodokhov, V.Kh. (Dubna, JINR) ; Britting, A. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Eyrich, W. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Lehmann, A. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Uhlig, F. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Düren, M. (Giessen U.) ; Föhl, K. (Giessen U.) ; Hayrapetyan, A. (Giessen U.) ; Kröck, B. (Giessen U.) ; Merle, O. (Giessen U.) ; Rieke, J. (Giessen U.) ; Cowie, E. (Glasgow U.) ; Keri, T. (Glasgow U.) ; Montgomery, R. (Glasgow U.) ; Rosner, G. (Glasgow U.) ; Achenbach, P. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Cardinali, M. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Lauth, W. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Sfienti, C. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Thiel, M. (Mainz U., Inst. Kernphys.) ; Bühler, P. (Stefan Meyer Inst. Subatomare Phys.) ; Gruber, L. (Stefan Meyer Inst. Subatomare Phys.) ; Marton, J. (Stefan Meyer Inst. Subatomare Phys.) ; Suzuki, K. (Stefan Meyer Inst. Subatomare Phys.)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.
Year: 2014
Vol.: A766
Page No: 9-13
Pages: 4
Year: 2014-12-01 published

Abstract: The PANDA experiment at the new Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe (FAIR) at GSI, Darmstadt, will study fundamental questions of hadron physics and QCD using high-intensity cooled antiproton beams with momenta between 1.5 and 15 GeV/ c . Efficient Particle Identification for a wide momentum range and the full solid angle is required for reconstructing the various physics channels of the PANDA program. Hadronic Particle Identification in the barrel region of the detector will be provided by a DIRC counter. The design is based on the successful BABAR DIRC with important improvements, such as focusing optics and fast photon timing. Several of these improvements, including different radiator geometries and optics, were tested in particle beams at GSI and at CERN. The evolution of the conceptual design of the PANDA Barrel DIRC and the performance of complex prototypes in test beam campaigns will be discussed.

Keyword(s): Particle identification ; Cherenkov counter ; Ring imaging ; DIRC

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DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.04.006
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