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New experimental upper limit of the electron-proton spin-flip cross-section

Oellers, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Weidemann, C. (JCHP, Julich) ; Lenisa, P. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Meyer, H.O. (Indiana U.) ; Rathmann, F. (JCHP, Julich) ; Trusov, S. (SINP, Moscow) ; Augustyniak, W. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Bagdasarian, Z. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Barion, L. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Barsov, S. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Bechstedt, U. (JCHP, Julich) ; Bertelli, S. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Carassiti, V. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Chiladze, D. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Ciullo, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Contalbrigo, M. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Dalpiaz, P.F. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Dymov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Engels, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Gaisser, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Gebel, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Goslawski, P. (Munster U.) ; Grigoriev, K. (JCHP, Julich) ; Guidoboni, G. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Kacharava, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Khoukaz, A. (Munster U.) ; Kulikov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kleines, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Langenberg, G. (JCHP, Julich) ; Lehrach, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Lomidze, N. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Lorentz, B. (JCHP, Julich) ; Macharashvili, G. (Julich, Forschungszentrum) ; Maier, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Marianski, B. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Martin, S. (JCHP, Julich) ; Mchedlishvili, D. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Merzliakov, S. (JCHP, Julich) ; Meshkov, I.N. (Dubna, JINR) ; Mielke, M. (Munster U.) ; Mikirtychiants, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Mikirtychiants, S. (JCHP, Julich) ; Nass, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Nikolaev, N. (Landau ITP, Chernogolovka) ; Nioradze, M. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Papenbrock, M. (Munster U.) ; Pappalardo, L. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Pesce, A. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Prasuhn, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Sarkadi, J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Schleichert, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Smirnov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Seyfarth, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Statera, M. (INFN, Ferrara) ; Steffens, E. (Erlangen - Nuremberg U.) ; Stein, H.J. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stockhorst, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stro\textasciidieresisher, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Tabidze, M. (Tbilisi State U.) ; Tagliente, G. (INFN, Bari) ; Tho\textasciidieresisrngren Engblom, P. (Royal Inst. Tech., Stockholm) ; Trzcinski, A. (Warsaw, Inst. Nucl. Studies) ; Valdau, Y. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Vasiliev, A. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Wüstner, P. (JCHP, Julich) ; Zupranski, P. (Julich, Forschungszentrum)

Published in: Nucl.Instrum.Meth.
Year: 2014
Vol.: A759
Page No: 6-9
Pages: 4
Year: 2014

Abstract: In a previous publication, measurements of the depolarization of a stored proton beam by interaction with a co-propagating unpolarized electron beam at low relative energy have been presented and an upper limit of about 3 x10^7 b for the electron-proton spin-flip cross-section was determined. A refined analysis presented in this paper reduces the previous upper limit by a factor of three by the introduction of a new procedure that also makes use of non-identified particles.

Keyword(s): Polarized beams ; Storage rings ; Electron-proton scattering ; Antiprotons

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DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2014.05.058
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