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Superconducting Magnets for the NICA Accelerator Collider Complex

Khodzhibagiyan, H.G. (Dubna, JINR) ; Agapov, N.N. ; Akishin, P.G. ; Blinov, N.A. ; Borisov, V.V. ; Bychkov, A.V. ; Galimov, A.R. ; Donyagin, A.M. ; Karpinskiy, V.N. ; Korolev, V.S. ; Kozlov, O.S. ; Kunchenko, O.A. ; Kuznetsov, G.L. ; Meshkov, I.N. ; Mikhaylov, V.A. ; Nikiforov, D.N. ; Pivin, R.V. ; Shabunov, A.V. ; Smirnov, A.V. ; Starikov, A.Yu. ; Trubnikov, G.V.

Published in: IEEE Trans.Appl.Supercond.
Year: 2014
Vol.: 24    Num./Issue: 3
Pages: 4
Year: 2014 published

Abstract: NICA is a new accelerator collider complex under construction at JINR. The facility is aimed at providing collider experiments with heavy ions up to Uranium in a center of mass energy range from 4 to 11 GeV/u and an average luminosity up to 10^27 cm ^-2 s^-1. The collisions of polarized deuterons are also foreseen. The facility includes two injector chains, a new superconducting booster synchrotron, the existing 6 AGeV superconducting synchrotron Nuclotron, and a new superconducting collider consisting of two rings, each of about 500 m in circumference. The booster synchrotron and the NICA collider are based on an iron-dominated “window frame”-type magnet with a hollow superconductor winding analogous to the Nuclotron magnet. The status of the development of the full size model magnets for the booster synchrotron as well as for the NICA collider is presented. The test results of model magnets are discussed. The status of the creation of a facility for serial tests of superconducting magnets for the NICA project is described.

Keyword(s): accelerator magnets ; superconducting magnets ; synchrotrons ; JINR ; NICA accelerator collider complex ; Nuclotron magnet ; center-of-mass energy ; injector chains ; iron-dominated window frame-type magnet ; polarized deuteron collisions ; superconducting booster synchrotron ; Cryogenics ; Lenses ; Magnetic field measurement ; Magnetic separation ; Saturation magnetization ; Superconducting magnets ; Accelerator magnets ; collider ; hollow superconductor ; two-phase helium;

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DOI: 10.1109/TASC.2013.2285119
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