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Excitation of the Isomeric States 1h_{11/2} in the Nuclear Reactions with gammaRays, Neutrons and at betaDecay

Belov, A G ; Gangrsky, Yu P ; Melnikova, L M ; Ponomarev, V Yu ; Tsoneva, N ; Stoyanov, C ; Tonchev, A P ; Balabanov, N P

Published in: Yad. Fiz.
Pages: 18 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: The isomeric ratios (IR) for the isomers with I^{pi}=11/2^{} in the isotones with N=81 (^{135}Xe, ^{137}Ba, ^{139}Ce, ^{141}Nd and ^{143}Sm) were measured in the reactions (n, gamma), (gamma, n) and betadecay. The activation method was used for the reaction yields determination. The noticeable difference of IR was observed in the isotones with different Z but in the same reactions. The calculations within the quasiparticle phonon model were performed. The good agreement of the experimental and calculated IR was obtained for all isotones. The IR dependence on Z was explained by the different reaction energy. This difference is realized in different excitation probability of the activation level, populating the isomeric state.

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