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Hadron Energy Reconstruction for ATLAS Barrel Combined Calorimeter Using NonParametrical Method

Kulchitskii, Yu A

Pages: 10 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: Hadron energy reconstruction for the ATLAS barrel prototype combined calorimeter in the framework of the nonparametrical method is discussed. The nonparametrical method utilizes only the known e/h ratios and the electron calibration constants and does not require the determination of any parameters by a minimization technique. Thus, this technique lends itself to fast energy reconstruction in a first level trigger. The reconstructed mean values of the hadron energies are within \pm1% of the true values and the fractional energy resolution is [(58\pm 3)%{\sqrt{GeV}}/\sqrt{E}+(2.5\pm0.3)%]\bigoplus(1.7\pm0.2) GeV/E. The value of the e/h ratio obtained for the electromagnetic compartment of the combined calorimeter is 1.74\pm0.04. Results of a study of the longitudinal hadronic shower development are also presented.

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