Preprint / Other Fields of Physics JINRP192000245 P192000245

Radiobiological Research in JINR

Krasavin, E A ; Govorun, R D

Pages: 20 p
Year: 2000

Abstract: The results of longterm radiobiological and radiationgenetical research in DRRR (Division of Radiobiology) are summarized. The different radiationinduced effects in bacteria, yeasts, mammalian and human cells after irradiation by gammarays and heavy charged particles are considered. The important role of DNA repair processes in biological effectiveness of different types of radiation were shown. The data on mutagenic action of such kinds of radiation on pro and eukaryotic cells were analyzed. On the basis of our data the hypersensitivity of human and mammalian chromosomes after low doses of gammarays (1020 sGy) was revealed. The radiobiological effect of ^{211}At methylene blue complex on human melanoma cells was studied. The extremely high effectiveness of this complex on melanoma cells was shown.

Language: rus

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