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Isospin effects in the exclusive dp -> 3He{\pi}+{\pi}- reaction

Mielke, M. (Munster U.) ; Burmeister, I. (Munster U.) ; Chiladze, D. (JCHP, Julich) ; Dymov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Fritzsch, C. (Munster U.) ; Gebel, R. (JCHP, Julich) ; Goslawski, P. (Munster U.) ; Hartmann, M. (JCHP, Julich) ; Kacharava, A. (JCHP, Julich) ; Khoukaz, A. (Munster U.) ; Kulessa, P. (Cracow, INP) ; Lorentz, B. (JCHP, Julich) ; Mersmann, T. (Munster U.) ; Mikirtychiants, S. (St. Petersburg, INP) ; Ohm, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Papenbrock, M. (Munster U.) ; Rausmann, T. (Munster U.) ; Serdyuk, V. (JCHP, Julich) ; Stroher, H. (JCHP, Julich) ; Taschner, A. (Munster U.) ; Valdau, Y. (Bonn U.) ; Wilkin, C. (University Coll. London)

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Abstract: The differential cross section for the exclusive dp -> 3He{\pi}+{\pi}- reaction has been measured with high resolution and large statistics over a large fraction of the backward 3He hemisphere at the excess energy 265 MeV using the COSY-ANKE magnetic spectrometer. Though the well-known ABC enhancement is observed in the {\pi}+{\pi}- spectrum, the differences detected between the {\pi}+3He and {\pi}-3He invariant-mass distributions show that there must be some isospin-one {\pi}{\pi} production even at relatively low excess energies. The invariant-mass differences are modeled in terms of the sequential decay N*(1440) -> Delta(1232){\pi} -> N{\pi}{\pi}.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig1.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig2.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig3a.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig3b.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig4.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig5a.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig5b.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/gig6.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1289082/files/arXiv:1404.2066.pdf

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