/ nucl-ex arXiv:1402.5216

Scaling properties of light-cluster production

Chajecki, Z. (Michigan State U., NSCL) ; Youngs, M. (Michigan State U.) ; Coupland, D.D.S. (Michigan State U.) ; Lynch, W.G. (Michigan State U., JINA) ; Tsang, M.B. (Michigan State U., JINA) ; Brown, D. (Michigan State U.) ; Chbihi, A. (GANIL) ; Danielewicz, P. (Michigan State U., JINA) ; deSouza, R.T. (Indiana U.) ; Famiano, M.A. (Western Michigan U.) ; Ghosh, T.K. (Calcutta, VECC) ; Giacherio, B. (Western Michigan U.) ; Henzl, V. (Michigan State U., NSCL) ; Henzlova, D. (Michigan State U., NSCL) ; Herlitzius, C. (Michigan State U., JINA) ; Hudan, S. (Indiana U.) ; Kilburn, M.A. (Michigan State U.) ; Lee, Jenny (Michigan State U.) ; Lu, F. (SINAP, Shanghai) ; Lukyanov, S. (Dubna, JINR) ; Rogers, A.M. (Michigan State U.) ; Russotto, P. (INFN, Catania) ; Sanetullaev, A. (Michigan State U.) ; Showalter, R.H. (Michigan State U.) ; Sobotka, L.G. (Washington U., St. Louis) ; Sun, Z.Y. (Lanzhou, Inst. Modern Phys.) ; Molen, A.M.Vander (Michigan State U., NSCL) ; Verde, G. (INFN, Catania) ; Wallace, M.S. (Michigan State U.) ; Winkelbauer, J. (Michigan State U.)

Abstract: We show that ratios of light-particle energy spectra display scaling properties that can be accu- rately described by effective local chemical potentials. This demonstrates the equivalence of t/3He and n/p spectral ratios and provides an essential test of theoretical predictions of isotopically resolved light-particle spectra. In addition, this approach allows direct comparisons of many theoretical n/p spectral ratios to experiments where charged-particle spectra but not neutron spectra are accurately measured. Such experiments may provide much more quantitative constraints on the density and momentum dependence of the symmetry energy.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1282163/files/Ca80MeV_Figure.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1282163/files/Ratios.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1282163/files/Sn50MeV_Figure.png; http://inspirehep.net/record/1282163/files/arXiv:1402.5216.pdf

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