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NA61/SHINE facility at the CERN SPS: beams and detector system

Abgrall, N. (Geneva U.) ; Andreeva, O. (Moscow, INR) ; Aduszkiewicz, A. (Warsaw U.) ; Ali, Y. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Anticic, T. (Boskovic Inst., Zagreb) ; Antoniou, N. (Athens U.) ; Baatar, B. (Dubna, JINR) ; Bay, F. (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Blondel, A. (Geneva U.) ; Blumer, J. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Bogomilov, M. (Sofiya U.) ; Bogusz, M. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Bravar, A. (Geneva U.) ; Brzychczyk, J. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Bunyatov, S.A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Christakoglou, P. (Athens U.) ; Czopowicz, T. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Davis, N. (Athens U.) ; Debieux, S. (Geneva U.) ; Dembinski, H. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Diakonos, F. (Athens U.) ; Di Luise, S. (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Dominik, W. (Warsaw U.) ; Drozhzhova, T. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Dumarchez, J. (Paris U., VI-VII) ; Dynowski, K. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Engel, R. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Efthymiopoulos, I. (CERN) ; Ereditato, A. (U. Bern (main)) ; Fabich, A. (CERN) ; Feofilov, G.A. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Fodor, Z. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Fulop, A. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Gazdzicki, M. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Golubeva, M. (Moscow, INR) ; Grebieszkow, K. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Grzeszczuk, A. (Silesia U.) ; Guber, F. (Moscow, INR) ; Haesler, A. (Geneva U.) ; Hasegawa, T. (INS, Tokyo) ; Hierholzer, M. (U. Bern (main)) ; Idczak, R. (U. Wroclaw (main)) ; Igolkin, S. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Ivashkin, A. (Moscow, INR) ; Jokovic, D. (Belgrade U.) ; Kadija, K. (Boskovic Inst., Zagreb) ; Kapoyannis, A. (Athens U.) ; Kaptur, E. (Silesia U.) ; Kielczewska, D. (Warsaw U.) ; Kirejczyk, M. (Warsaw U.) ; Kisiel, J. (Silesia U.) ; Kiss, T. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Kleinfelder, S. (UC, Irvine (main)) ; Kobayashi, T. (INS, Tokyo) ; Kolesnikov, V.I. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kolev, D. (Sofiya U.) ; Kondratiev, V.P. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Korzenev, A. (Geneva U.) ; Koversarski, P. (U. Wroclaw (main)) ; Kowalski, S. (Silesia U.) ; Krasnoperov, A. (Dubna, JINR) ; Kurepin, A. (Moscow, INR) ; Larsen, D. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Laszlo, A. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Lyubushkin, V.V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Mackowiak-Pawlowska, M. (Frankfurt U.) ; Majka, Z. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Maksiak, B. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Malakhov, A.I. (Dubna, JINR) ; Maletic, D. (Belgrade U.) ; Manglunki, D. (CERN) ; Manic, D. (Belgrade U.) ; Marchionni, A. (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Marcinek, A. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Marin, V. (Moscow, INR) ; Marton, K. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Mathes, H.J (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Matulewicz, T. (Warsaw U.) ; Matveev, V. (Moscow, INR) ; Melkumov, G.L. (Dubna, JINR) ; Messina, M. (U. Bern (main)) ; Mrowczynski, St. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Murphy, S. (Geneva U.) ; Nakadaira, T. (INS, Tokyo) ; Nirkko, M. (U. Bern (main)) ; Nishikawa, K. (INS, Tokyo) ; Palczewski, T. (NCBJ, Swierk) ; Palla, G. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Panagiotou, A.D. (Athens U.) ; Paul, T. (Nova Gorica U.) ; Peryt, W. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Petukhov, O. (Moscow, INR) ; Pistillo, C. (U. Bern (main)) ; Planeta, R. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Pluta, J. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Popov, B.A. (Paris U., VI-VII) ; Posiadala, M. (Warsaw U.) ; Pulawski, S. (Silesia U.) ; Puzovic, J. (Belgrade U.) ; Rauch, W. (Fachhochschule Frankfurt) ; Ravonel, M. (Geneva U.) ; Redij, A. (U. Bern (main)) ; Renfordt, R. (Frankfurt U.) ; Richter-Was, E. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Robert, A. (Paris U., VI-VII) ; Rohrich, D. (U. Bergen (main)) ; Rondio, E. (NCBJ, Swierk) ; Rossi, B. (U. Bern (main)) ; Roth, M. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Rubbia, A. (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Rustamov, A. (Frankfurt U.) ; Rybczynski, M. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Sadovsky, A. (Moscow, INR) ; Sakashita, K. (INS, Tokyo) ; Savic, M. (Belgrade U.) ; Schmidt, K. (Silesia U.) ; Sekiguchi, T. (INS, Tokyo) ; Seyboth, P. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Sgalaberna, D. (ETH, Zurich (main)) ; Shibata, M. (INS, Tokyo) ; Sipos, R. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Skrzypczak, E. (Warsaw U.) ; Slodkowski, M. (Warsaw U. of Tech.) ; Sosin, Z. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Staszel, P. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Stefanek, G. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Stepaniak, J. (NCBJ, Swierk) ; Stroebele, H. (Frankfurt U.) ; Susa, T. (Boskovic Inst., Zagreb) ; Szuba, M. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Tada, M. (INS, Tokyo) ; Tereshchenko, V. (Dubna, JINR) ; Tolyhi, T. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Tsenov, R. (Sofiya U.) ; Turko, L. (U. Wroclaw (main)) ; Ulrich, R. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Unger, M. (Karlsruhe, Inst. Technol.) ; Vassiliou, M. (Athens U.) ; Veberic, D. (Nova Gorica U.) ; Vechernin, V.V. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Vesztergombi, G. (Wigner RCP, Budapest) ; Vinogradov, L. (St. Petersburg State U.) ; Wilczek, A. (Silesia U.) ; Wlodarczyk, Z. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Wojtaszek-Szwarz, A. (Jan Kochanowski U.) ; Wyszynski, O. (Jagiellonian U. (main)) ; Zambelli, L. (Paris U., VI-VII) ; Zipper, W. (Silesia U.)

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Abstract: NA61/SHINE (SPS Heavy Ion and Neutrino Experiment) is a multi-purpose experimental facility to study hadron production in hadron-proton, hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions at the CERN Super Proton Synchrotron. It recorded the first physics data with hadron beams in 2009 and with ion beams (secondary 7Be beams) in 2011. NA61/SHINE has greatly profited from the long development of the CERN proton and ion sources and the accelerator chain as well as the H2 beamline of the CERN North Area. The latter has recently been modified to also serve as a fragment separator as needed to produce the Be beams for NA61/SHINE. Numerous components of the NA61/SHINE set-up were inherited from its predecessors, in particular, the last one, the NA49 experiment. Important new detectors and upgrades of the legacy equipment were introduced by the NA61/SHINE Collaboration. This paper describes the state of the NA61/SHINE facility - the beams and the detector system - before the CERN Long Shutdown I, which started in March 2013.

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