/ hep-th arXiv:1310.4924

Solar neutrinos, helicity effects and new affine gravity with torsion

Cirilo-Lombardo, Diego Julio (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 18

Abstract: New f(R,T) model of gravitation, introduced previously by the author, is considered. It is based on an affine geometrical construction in which the torsion is a dynamical field, the coupling is minimal and the theory is Lorentz invariant by construction. It was shown that the Dirac equation emerges from the same space time and acquires a modification (coupling-like) of the form {\gamma}^{{\alpha}}j((1-d)/d){\gamma}h_{{\alpha}}, with h_{{\alpha}} the torsion axial vector, j a parameter of pure geometrical nature and d, the spacetime dimension. In the present work it is shown that this interaction produces a mechanism of spin (helicity) flipping, with its consequent weak symmetry violation. The cross section of this process is explicitly calculated and a logaritmical energy dependence (even at high energies) is found. This behavior is reminiscent of similar computations made by Hans Bethe in the context of neutrino astrophysics. These results are applied to the solar neutrino case and compared with similar results coming from a gravitational model with torsion of string theory type and within the standard model context respectively.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1261262/files/arXiv:1310.4924.pdf

Note: Full corrected version in Journal of Astroparticle Physics 2013 (in press). Dedicated in the centennial aniversary of Bruno Pontecorvo, 18 pages no figs

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