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New Boson (Higgs?) into $\gamma \gamma$ at CERN

Roinishvili, V. (Tbilisi, Inst. Phys.)

Published in: PoS
Year: 2012
Vol.: IHEP-LHC-2012
Page No: 036
Pages: 3
Year: 2013

Abstract: A very simple analyse of the combined data of ATLAS and CMS, published in PL B 716 (2012) on discovery of a new boson which decays into two photons Is presented. The obtained total statistical significance of the signal is 7.5±1 standard d eviations with the mass located at 125.6±0.3 GeV

Web-Page: http://pos.sissa.it/archive/conferences/186/036/IHEP-LHC_036.pdf; http://inspirehep.net/record/1247160/files/IHEP-LHC_036.pdf

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