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Nishina Memorial Lectures

Foundation, Nishina Memorial.
Imprint: Tokyo : Springer Japan, 2008.-
Pages: 416p.

ISBN: 9784431770565
Abstract: This volume is a collection of Nishina Memorial Lectures delivered by distinguished physicists during the past 50 years at the invitation of the Nishina Memorial Foundation. The Lectures commemorate Yoshio Nishina, the father of modern physics in Japan, well known for the Klein-Nishina formula. The collection includes a variety of topics chosen by W. Heisenberg, R. Kubo, J. Schwinger, C.S. Wu, F.J. Dyson, R.P. Feynman, B.R. Mottelson, K. Siegbahn, P.W. Anderson, L. Van Hove, J.W. Cronin, H. Rohrer, P. de Gennes, H. Kroto, J. Friedman, M.J.G. Veltman, and C.N. Yang. Now listen to W. Heisenberg's own voice: in the right column you can download the first minutes of his lecture "Abstraction in Modern Science" recorded in 1967! You can read the remainder of this lecture and all other lectures online via the link under "E-content". "We hope that this volume will help young readers to grasp and enjoy the progress of modern physics, as described in these first-hand records of lectures given by its creators." From the Editor's Preface.

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