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Spectroscopy of $^{26}$F

Stanoiu, M. (Bucharest, IFIN-HH) ; Sohler, D. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Sorlin, O. (GANIL) ; Dombradi, Zs. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Azaiez, F. (Orsay, IPN) ; Brown, B.A. (Michigan State U., NSCL) ; Borcea, C. (Bucharest, IFIN-HH) ; Bourgeois, C. (Orsay, IPN) ; Elekes, Z. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Fulop, Zs. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Grevy, S. (GANIL) ; Guillemaud-Mueller, D. (Orsay, IPN) ; Ibrahim, F. (Orsay, IPN) ; Kerek, A. (Royal Inst. Tech., Stockholm) ; Krasznahorkay, A. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Lewitowicz, M. (GANIL) ; Lukyanov, S.M. (Dubna, JINR) ; Mrazek, J. (Rez, Nucl. Phys. Inst.) ; Negoita, F. (Bucharest, IFIN-HH) ; Penionzhkevich, Yu.E. (Dubna, JINR) ; Podolyak, Zs. (Surrey U.) ; Porquet, M.G. (Orsay, IPN) ; Roussel-Chomaz, P. (GANIL) ; Saint-Laurent, M.G. (GANIL) ; Savajols, H. (GANIL) ; Sletten, G. (Copenhagen U.) ; Timar, J. (Budapest, RMKI) ; Timis, C. (Bucharest, IFIN-HH)

Published in: Phys.Rev.
Year: 2012
Vol.: C85
Page No: 017303
Pages: 3

Abstract: The structure of the weakly-bound $^{26}_{\/\/9}$F$_{17}$ odd-odd nucleus, produced from $^{27,28}$Na nuclei, has been investigated at GANIL by means of the in-beam $\gamma$-ray spectroscopy technique. A single $\gamma$-line is observed at 657(7) keV in $^{26}_{9}$F which has been ascribed to the decay of the excited J=$2^+$ state to the J=1$^+$ ground state. The possible presence of intruder negative parity states in $^{26}$F is also discussed.

Web-Page: http://inspirehep.net/record/1083445/files/arXiv:1201.1111.pdf; http://inspirehep.net/record/1083445/files/26Fspectrum.png

Note: 3 pages, 1 figure, accepted for publication in Physical Review C

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