/ Math and Math Physics arXiv:1108.6300

Resummation Approach in QCD Analytic Perturbation Theory

Bakulev, Alexander P. (Dubna, JINR) ; Potapova, Irina V. (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 8

Abstract: We discuss the resummation approach in QCD Analytic Perturbation Theory (APT). We start with a simple example of asymptotic power series for a zero-dimensional analog of the scalar $g\,\phi^4$ model. Then we give a short historic preamble of APT and show that renormgroup improvement of the QCD perturbation theory dictates to use the Fractional APT (FAPT). After that we discuss the (F)APT resummation of nonpower series and provide the one-, two-, and three-loop resummation recipes. We show the results of applications of these recipes to the estimation of the Adler function $D(Q^2)$ in the $N_f=4$ region of $Q^2$ and of the Higgs-boson-decay width $\Gamma_{H\to b\bar{b}}(m_H^2)$ for $M_H=100-180$ GeV$^2$.

Keyword(s): Renormalization group ; QCD ; Analytic Perturbation Theory ; Nonpower Series Resummation ; Adler function ; Higgs boson decay

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