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Conference title: The First International Conference on the Concept of Time in Science, Philosophy and Theology
Related conference title(s): Concept of Time
Location: Al-ain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates    Date: 28 Feb - 4 Mar 2012 2012
Conference Contacts: Departments of Physics, Faculty of Science, United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain 17551, United Arab Emirates
Telephone number: (+971) 506631967
Fax number: (+971) 3 7677535
e-mail: assad@uaeu.ac.ae
Notes: Organisers: Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, UAEU.; Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, UAEU.; Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Law, UAEU. Concept of Time
Subject Category: General Relativity and Cosmology
Keyword(s): Time and Time Measuring in Science ; Time in Philosophy ; Time in Theology
Conference Home Page: http://wwww.uaeu.ac.ae/conferences/time

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