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Signal Transmission Lines<br>for Large-Size Segmented Straw Detectors

S. E. Vasilyev ; V. I. Davkov ; K. I. Davkov ; V. V. Myalkovskiy ; ; V. D. Peshekhonov ; A. A. Savenkov ; V. D. Cholakov and A. P. Shmeleva
Instrum Exp Tech

Published in: Instruments and Experimental Techniques
Vol.: 51    Num./Issue: 6
Page No: 820&#8211;825
ISSN: 0020-4412
Year: Instrum Exp Tech / 2008

Abstract: Abstract<br>&#8212;Lines for transmitting the signals of high-granulated coordinate straw detectors from the detector<br>sensitive area to the remote readout electronics are simulated, and samples of these lines are investigated. The<br>possibility of transmitting the signals using lines with a length of up to 2 m without distortions is shown. These<br>lines can also be used to supply a high voltage of up to 3 kV to the straw segments with negligible leakage currents.

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