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Neutron excess nuclei of hydrogen and helium at ACCULINNA

G.M. Ter-Akopian ; A.S. Fomichev ; M.S. Golovkov ; L.V. Grigorenko ; S.A. Krupko ; Yu.Ts. Oganessian ; A.M. Rodin ; S.I. Sidorchuk ; R.S. Slepnev ; S.V. Stepantsov ; R. Wolski ; A.A. Korsheninnikov ; E.Yu. Nikolskii ; P. Roussel-Chomaz ; W. Mittig ; V.A. Kuzmin ; B.G. Novatskii ; D.N. Stepanov
Eur Phys J Spec Top

Published in: European Physical Journal. Special Topics
Vol.: 150    Num./Issue: 1
Page No: 61-66
ISSN: 1951-6355
Year: Eur Phys J Spec Top / 2007

Abstract: Attempt to observe a 7H resonance produced in the reaction 2H(8He,3He)7H resulted only in setting a limit d&937;&8201;&8201;MeV above the 7H decay threshold. The quasi-free scattering of the &945;)nn reaction were detected in wide angular ranges giving a wide kinematical range of the measured angular and momentum distributions. The contribution of processes, competing with QFS in the &945;+n+n output channel, was considerably suppressed by the selection of events with E&8201;MeV. A number of experimental distributions, relevant to the reaction mechanism and to the 6He structure, were compared with the results of MC simulations based on the PWIA formalism. The PWIA predictions showed consistency with the experimental data.

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