/ Instrumentation CMS-NOTE-1997-078

Tests of Cathode Strip Chamber Prototypes

Bonushkin, Yuri (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; Baarmand, Marc M (State Univ. of New York Brook, USA) ; Chrisman, David (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Durkin, S. (Ohio State University, USA) ; Ferguson, Thomas (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) ; Giacomelli, Paolo (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Gorn, William (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Hauser, Jay (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; Hirschfelder, J. (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) ; Hoftiezer, John (Ohio State University, Columbus, USA) ; Hoorani, Hafeez R (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) ; Kisselev, Oleg (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia) ; Klem, Daniel (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) ; Korytov, Andrey (University of Florida, USA) ; Layter, John G (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Lennous, Paul (Ohio State University, USA) ; Ling, Ta-Yung (Ohio State University, USA) ; Matthey, Christina (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; Medved, Serguei (Purdue University, USA) ; Minor, C. (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Mitselmakher, Guenakh (University of Florida, USA) ; Müller, Thomas (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; Otwinowski, Stanislaw (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; Preston, L. (Purdue University, USA) ; Prokofiev, O.E. (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia) ; Rush, Chuck J (Ohio State University, USA) ; Schenk, P. (University of California Riverside, USA) ; Sedykh, Yu (JINR, Dubna, Russia) ; Smirnov, Igor (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia) ; Soulimov, V. (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia) ; Vaniachine, A. (State Univ. of New York Brook, USA) ; Vercelli, T. (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) ; Wuest, Craig R (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) ; Zeng, Ji-Yang (University of California Los Angeles, USA) ; von Goeler, Eberhard (Northeastern University, USA)

Abstract: We report on the results of testing two six-layer 0.6 x 0.6 cm^2 cathode strip chamber ( CSC) prototypes in a muon beam at CERN. The prototypes were designed to simulate sections of the end-cap muon system of the Compact Muon Solenoid ( CMS) detector which will be installed at the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC). We measured the spatial and time resolutions of each chamber for different gains, different orientations with respect to the beam direction and different strength magnetic fields. The single-layer spatial resolution of a prototype with a strip pitch of 15.88 mm ranged from 78 micron to 468 micron, depending on whether the particle passed between two cathode strips or through the center of a strip; its six-layer resolution was found to be 44 micron. The single-layer spatial resolution of a prototype with a strip pitch of 6.35 mm ranged from 54 to 66 micron; its six-layer resolution w as found to be 23 micron. The efficiency for collecting an anode wire signal from one of six layers within a 20 ns time window appropriate for the LHC was found to be greater than 95% in normal running conditions.

Keyword(s): MUONS

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