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Results from the 1999 Beam Test of a Preshower Prototype

Aspell, Paul (CERN) ; Barney, David (CERN) ; Bloch, Philippe (CERN) ; Bourotte, Jean (CERN) ; Domeniconi, Jacques ; Peisert, Anna (CERN) ; Evangelou, Ioannis ; Kloukinas, Kostas ; Kyriakis, Aristotelis ; Loos, Robert ; Loukas, Demetrios ; Mousa, Jehad ; Peron, Franck ; Reynaud, Serge ; Sirunyan, Albert M (YerPhI, Yerevan, Armenia) ; Tournefier, Edwige ; Van Hove, Alain ; Zamiatin, Nikolai (JINR , Dubna, Russia)

Abstract: At the end of June 1999 a test of a preshower prototype, equipped with real-size detectors and LHC-style electronics, was tested in the H4 beam at CERN in front of a matrix of "Endcap" crystals. Data were taken with a variety of incident electron energies, and three angles of incidence ( to simulate different regions of the CMS endcaps). The prototype functioned well, with a very small startup period and operated successfully for the duration of the test ( ~ 1 week) without intervention. Good agreement has been found between data and a GEANT-3 based simulation, and the absolute results are promising. Plans are presented for a further test of the prototype in 2000 in the H2 beam inside the 3T magnet.


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