/ Theory-HEP arXiv:1004.1510

Coupling running through the Looking-Glass of dimensional Reduction

Shirkov, D.V. (Dubna, JINR)

Pages: 8

Abstract: The dimensional reduction, in a form of transition from four to two dimensions, was used in the 90s in a context of HE Regge scattering. Recently, it got a new impetus in quantum gravity where it opens the way to renormalizability and finite short-distance behavior. We consider a QFT model $g\,\varphi^4\,$ with running coupling defined in both the two domains of different dimensionality/ the $\gbar(Q^2)\,$ evolutions being duly conjugated at the reduction scale $\,Q\sim M.$ Beyond this scale, in the deep UV 2-dim region, the running coupling does not increase any more. Instead, it {\it slightly decreases} and tends to a finite value $\gbar_2(\infty) \,< \, \gbar_2(M^2)\,$ from above. As a result, the global evolution picture looks quite peculiar and can propose a base for the modified scenario of gauge couplings behavior with UV fixed points provided by dimensional reduction instead of leptoquarks.

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Note: Dedicated to the memory of Albert Tavkhelidze

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